About Us

Taste with you heart

My Name is Enas.  I was born and raised in Egypt.  I come from a large family filled with many wonderful traditions, most of them centered around food.  My Grandmother and Mother instilled the love of cooking in me from the very first time they brought me into the kitchen and shared the family recipes with me over the years.  I loved those special times of us gathered in the family kitchen-talking, laughing, chopping and learning.

In 2008 as newlyweds, my husband and I embarked on a new adventure by moving to the United States.  We loved our life and soon began our family.  But like many others, the pandemic hit us very hard.  As luck would have it, a friend who knew my passion for cooking mentioned the Culinary Program at Second Harvest Food Bank as an option for me.  I enrolled in the 14 week program and I felt like my dream had come true.  As I was self-taught this program would teach me the skills I needed to go to another level. All the instruction was under the guidance of professional chefs. This new knowledge has allowed me to pursue my dreams of becoming a Chef.

Many ask me about the name of my bakery.  Nosa, in my country, conveys the message, “to Advance or forward motion” but also it means, “to make one comfortable, keeping company”.  For me, this was the perfect message for my life and my customers.

At Nosa’s Bakery we believe that food brings people together just like where I came from.  Life is always food, family and happiness. And love. Using my culinary skills, matched with my traditional recipes that won’t weigh you down,  our goal is for you to enjoy our desserts with a heart full of joy and of course, a smile.

“Taste with your heart and feel the happiness”.

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